Discover the Finest Glass Mosaics

The Italian brand Mutaforma brings a new dimension of innovative nanotechnology to the world of glass mosaics. It specializes in the field of augmented materials suited for decorative interior applications and sheltered exterior uses. TILLA® - the "picotessera" (a little glass tile), created through the brand's technology is their most influential creation. It is the smallest orthogonal glass tile worldwide.

Introducing one of the remarkable collections from Mutaforma - Trame:

Invisible Cities:
This collection focuses on dark and concrete tones of black and grey. It aims towards a minimalistic approach illustrating orthogonal geometries.


Ocean Sea:
This series interprets different shades of blue, whether light blue, dark blue, deep blue or cobalt. It illustrates calmness and the depths of the sea and the sky.


This range features warm hues and earthy tones to represent the nature.


Under the Volcano:
This series blends in black and gold colours to create a luxurious and striking statement.