Glass Mosaics with Innovative Nanotechnology

The Italian brand Mutaforma brings a new dimension of innovative nanotechnology to the world of glass mosaics. It specializes in the field of augmented materials suited for decorative interior applications and sheltered exterior uses.

Glass tiles have light reflecting properties that can make mosaic pieces glow with a luminous radiance, which is a characteristic that is not apparent in other flooring materials. They are also resistant to stains, mold, and mildew.

The Nanidor collection comprises of geometries that convey an unremitting, delicate and captivating sense of movement.

Pixel is a knitting-inspired modular pattern that reminisces woven fabrics. Presented in a subtle grey-rose gold combination and in a sophisticated charcoal-yellow gold variation that creates suggestive contrasts with the material quality of the unadorned wall surface.

This repeatable pattern is inspired by naturally entwined vines. The Rami designs enhance natural rhythmic patterns with the glossy/matte contrast between the TILLA® picotesserae in Mutaforma glass and the wall surface.

Tilla in Wonderland is a curated collection of 15 décors designed by architect Fabio Rotella with designer Flavia Aprilini. It explores and showcases the unparalleled versatility of Mutaforma’s hyper-tech material.

Karma and Malabilia: The patterns consist of using warm gold and vibrant colours, suitable for wall coverings.