Modern design with Glass

Glass has always been one of the most complex and versatile materials used in architectural design. Suitable for both interior and exterior spaces, its unique qualities and performance characteristics can be altered into different forms, colors, and shapes accordingly.

Fabric/Metal Mesh Laminated Glass:
It is made of two or more panes of glass that are encapsulated by a layer of fabric or metal, which comes in various sizes and shapes.

Pattern Mirrored Glass:
Pattern mirrored glass is typically used for architectural or decorative purposes, such as facades and table tops. It's reflective and its mirror-like properties are produced by the silvering process of mirror-making.

Digital Print Laminated Glass:
Digital printing on glass is a technological development used for the application of imagery, pattern or text to the surface of the flat glass.

Colored Glass:
Colored glass remains as one of the most fascinating mediums in decorative art. A wide range of tones and colors can be applied to the glass, meeting different requirements for customizations.

What makes glass so compelling is its translucent nature that complements with other materials. It is a fundamental material of classic and modern architecture, offering an array of solutions for different scales of designs, whether it is used for wall installations or for window panels.