Lighten up Your Interiors with Acrylic Resins

JAF Architectural Resins are durable and practical. It can be customised into different designs, color and patterns. This material is suitable for indoor use, especially in both residential and commercial areas.

Resin walls are also highly resistant to limescale. It is easy to maintain and it is a practical solution for finishes. It is available in a variety of surface textures to provide different aesthetics and designs.

The most common surface textures used are matte and gloss. The matte texture provides a medium level of translucency and a softer look to the decor. In contrast, the transparency of the gloss finish is similar to glass, providing clarity to the decor.

JAF Architectural Resins sheets offer more than 30 colours and designs. It is perfect for partitions, screens, lighting applications, and horizontal surfaces. Allow yourself to be truly inspired by the possibilities and practical advantages of the resin finishes.

Here is the latest collection of JAF Architectural Resins: