To Glamorize The Decor Of Your Space

Nowadays, natural stones are very common used, they are unique and stylish, the naturally cool, solid surface is ideal for indoor areas. Stone flooring is extremely durable when compares to other kind of flooring materials, such as wood and tiles, stone flooring requires less maintenance to look good and lasts longer in almost any condition.

It is suitable for high traffic and high humidity spaces, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and entry ways.

Characteristic of Marble:
Marble is a stone with a firm crystalline structure and slight porosity. It can be polished to improve its lustre, making it a common and attractive stone for building applications. The restricted marble porosity, mainly when refined, makes it less susceptible to water damage.

Characteristic of Slate:
Slate is a very strong and high durability rock. It is fine-grained that is created by the alteration of shale or mudstone by low-grade regional metamorphism. Slate is a great selection of uses such as roofing and flooring because of its strong characteristic and special appearance.