Innovative & Tailor-Made Acoustic Panels

JEB Architectural Finishes is pleased to introduce the wall covering – JEB Echo Panel. It is a high quality, high performance choice for the modern office, hotel and residential areas, by featuring an organic composition which can be easily installed.

It offers three different thickness: 24mm, 12mm, 7mm, with a collection of printed designs, what makes JAF Echo Panel so skillful is the fact that it can be customised in any number of ways. More than that, it has excellent cutting properties that make it adaptable to almost any environment.

JAF Echo Panel is made from up to 60% post-consumer waste sourced from recycled PET bottles (exact amounts depend on the colour of the panel). The follow-on effect is that the production process for JAF Echo Panel is highly efficient, resulting in energy and water savings and ultimately, a reduction in the carbon footprint of this product.

Acoustic Performance
Through the lengthy testing process, JAF Echo Panel holds first-class ratings in the International market, achieving a Group 1 rating in the ‘ISO 9705’ full-scale room fire test as well as being recently awarded a valuable ‘GB 8624 B1 level’, and the reputable, internationally recognised ‘BS EN 13501.1: Classification B-S1, D0’.