Innovative Surface and Flooring Systems

Mondo Flooring: 
Mondo Flooring offers high performance, functional and eco-friendly flooring systems for indoor sports and track applications. As a global leader in the sports flooring industry, they have been supplying track and field surfaces for the last ten Olympic Games.

Mondo – Advance Vulcanized:
The Mondo Advance Vulcanized is a rubber flooring system that is smooth, slip resistant and odorless. It is designed as a durable and high performing gymnasium and multipurpose surface. It has excellent insulation, durability and is easy to maintain. 

The MondoArmor is a high-performance double-layered vulcanized rubber flooring with embossed surfaces. It provides the support for strength and conditioning training that involves heavy weights. With a two-layer composition, the product is able to resist wear and provide optimal shock absorption and energy return.

JAF Compac Surfaces:
JAF Compac Surfaces provides timeless surface coverings of marble and quartz. JAF Compac Surfaces provides timeless surface coverings of marble and quartz. Their products can enhance the appearance and performance of indoor surfaces such as walls, floors, desks and kitchen countertops.

One of the most renowned collections, the Ice of Genesis by Arik Levy was inspired by the great frozen lakes of ice from the Arctic and created the Ice collection illustrating a sense of connection between different elements in our everyday lives.

Ice of Genesis Collection:

The white surface alludes with the ice sheets found in the Arctic. The veins amid the pure white marble capture the breathtaking majesty of our natural realms. The ICE WHITE can act as a sleek yet powerful surface or furniture piece in any interior. 


The ICE BLACK is a work of artistic craftsmanship. Its jet-black marble surface is juxtaposed with its wide powerful veins. The result of the product is surreal and practical. It is suitable for different interiors and surfaces.