Mondo: Innovative Sports Flooring Systems

Recognized as one of the global leaders in the sports flooring industry, Mondo Flooring manufactures and installs high-quality flooring systems for track and field and other athletic surfaces. They strictly compile to technical specifications and environmental standards, providing safe and functional solutions for athletes worldwide.

Mondotrack WS:
Mondotrack WS is designed to generate optimal athletic performance for competitions. It is currently the most technologically advanced running track system in the world and was chosen as the official track of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The track surface is constructed with shock absorption and its hexagonal layer is perfectly combined with cushion, energy storage and return for greater speed. Under damp conditions, Mondotrack WS offers slip resistance and traction so that runners’ spikes do not need to penetrate the track surface for grip.


 Advance Vulcanized:
Advance Vulcanized is made of vulcanized rubber and designed as a durable and high performing gymnasium and multipurpose surface. The flooring consists of three layers that vary in hardness to meet all purposes, from practices to athletic events.


The Performance Layer:
Made of solid rubber, it doesn't require finishes or surface coatings. It is constructed to exceed the toughest friction coefficient standards for high-level play and superior biomechanical performance.

The Underlayer:
The structure of the underlayer increases flooring elasticity, optimizing foot support, shock absorption and maximizing energy return for comfort.

The Load Disbursement Layer:
This layer helps to withstand heavy loads such as tables, bleachers and sports equipment.