Discover the Functionality of Textile Flooring

When it comes to flooring in interior spaces, it is important to consider its functionality, level of comfort, and aesthetics. For areas with high traffic flow, it is crucial to select flooring that is durable and easy to maintain.

JEB Forbo Flotex flocked flooring offers a strong and hygienic covering that is completely waterproof and has the wear resistance of a resilient floor. Its unique textile material has a carpet-like texture - and is comfortable, slip resistant and performs well in sound absorption. As the only truly washable textile flooring, simple cleaning procedures can restore Flotex flooring to its original appearance. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, JEB Forbo Flotex flocked flooring provides various options for commercial projects.

Flotex Vision Digital Print:
Flotex Vision offers a unique collection of over 500 digitally printed floor designs perfect for bespoke projects. Their range is endless from floral patterns and realistic images of natural materials.

Flotex by Starck:
Forbo Flooring Systems collaborated with Philippe Starck in creating an innovative collection that consist of three systems: Vortex, Artist and Twilight. Each of the systems comes in four separate parts that can be arranged in various ways to create patterns that adapt to your needs and preferences.

Flotex Cityscape Tiles:
The Cityscape collection is inspired by the lines and intersections of the urban landscape. The embossed tiles create an intriguing 3-dimensional floor design that changes in the light from whatever angle you look at it. The grid-like pattern creates an intriguing textile look & feel.