EchoPanel is a high-quality decorative panelling solution that is the perfect choice for the modern office, hotel, and residential areas. Designed for ecological sustainability and environmental performance, the range is manufactured in Australia using recycled PET bottles. With acoustic qualities and fabric-like finishes, Echopanel offers a versatile collection of colors, forms, printed designs and thicknesses that can be customized in various methods.


Easy to install:

The installation process is simple and requires minimal effort. Echopanel is applicable to any interior spaces, conference room, indoor public areas, and restaurants.

Sound absorption:

Echopanel products provide superior sound absorption. This helps offices combat noise distractions and improve concentration. Noise reduction in the office creates a more welcoming and pleasant environment.

Improved Productivity:

A workplace without excess noise can enhance productivity. This can also help reduce stress levels in the office.

The Muse collection comes in three designs.

Muse Fluid evokes the movement of the ocean.


Muse Cloudy is based around a series of varying dots that converge to produce a ‘cloud-like’ effect and there are three options to choose from.


Muse Mineral is a cross-hatch style that can be specified in two different versions (Calcite and Steel).