The Aesthetic Appeal of Wood Paneling

Wood has always been a classic and timeless selection for interior design. It effortlessly combines elegance and comfort to interior spaces. Applying wood to wall finishes and surfaces adds character and textures, which is essential to enhancing depth and dimension. The use of wood can also improve indoor air quality by moderating humidity. It is able to absorb and release moisture to maintain an equilibrium with the adjacent air.

JAF Wonderwall Studio uses the best and most beautiful reclaimed woods in their collections that are carefully collected from abandoned houses and derelict sheds. This sustainability principle is the foundation behind the collection. Reclaimed wood is a renewable resource that helps reduce landfill waste, eliminates pollution and does not require refinement from paints and stains. Offering a wide selection of colours, patterns, and textures, reclaimed wood can be used in various interior design applications.


Clue is made from century-old bog oak but sanded and polished so smooth it will have all the Mad Men tip their trilbies. Its lines and shapes are sharp and sleek like one of Don Draper’s suits.


Leaf is hand-made from repurposed Ukrainian walnut and harvested by an indigenous Ukrainian mountain tribe. The placement of a thin bog oak lining as a border of the walnut panel is a true sign of the highest craftsmanship.


Notes is made from American walnut coming from rejected sapwood and surplus stock. The masonry layout gives the whole a pleasant, visual rhythm. Sit back and enjoy the melodies and harmonies.



Made from oriental wood, Blunt is a modern classic that is tough-looking and has a stocky appearance. The multitude of colours creates an appealing layout.