Quartz Surfaces: Equilibrium of Nature and Technology

JAF Compac Surfaces is a leading company in Spain that has over 40 years of experience in producing and distributing the highest quality of marble and quartz surface coverings. They focus on improving technical performances and using innovative processes to achieve ecological and sustainable benefits.

Unique Collection:
The Unique collection is inspired by the properties of natural rocks. Although it appears as natural marble, it is made of technological quartz that is highly resistant to scratches, staining, and humidity. This collection is available in a wide range of colours, patterns, sizes, and finishes that are suitable for various indoor spaces. (Insert photos of unique collection)

Unique Calacatta: Perfection of the soul
A combination of striking grey veins characteristics of marble across a snowy white background, this collection brings out a soul of its own.


Unique Marquina: Perfection of elegance
The black background and contrasting white shining streaks create an exquisite marble appearance that conveys the strength.


 Ice Collection:

Israeli designer Arik Levy was inspired by the great frozen lakes of ice from the Arctic and created the Ice collection illustrating a sense of connection between different elements in our everyday lives.


The white surface alludes with the ice sheets found in the Arctic. The veins amid the pure white marble capture the breathtaking majesty of our natural realms. The ICE WHITE can act as a sleek yet powerful surface or furniture piece in any interior. 


The ICE BLACK is a work of artistic craftsmanship. Its jet-black marble surface is juxtaposed with its wide powerful veins. The result of the product is surreal and practical. It is suitable for different interiors and surfaces.